ESP Manufacturing

ESP Manufacturing

With a long heritage in the development of manufacturing software (MRP-II programme), ESP is your ideal partner to revamp and optimize your existing manufacturing processes. Starting from the design-phase, ESP has been designed to satisfy the versatile business environment in the Asia-Pacific market (especially OEM companies). It helps you keep track of your entire production schedule as well as status, run-time and quantity of all raw materials, WIP and finished goods in the Bill of Materials (BOM). Enhanced operational efficiency could be attained as a result.

Real-time manufacturing

ESP Manufacturing of ESP helps you calculate the real time actual production cost, stock cost and job cost of your work orders. With the latest figures on the output and capacity, you could also compare and evaluate the efficiency of different production lines. The cost items generated will be instantaneously posted to the respective accounting ledgers. With the latest cost analysis at hand, management could then make sales and marketing decisions that best fits the production and order status of the company.

Genuine MRP-II solution

ESP is a comprehensive suite that offers total MRP-II solution to its users. It is capable of generating Master Production Schedule (MPS), Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP) and Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) reports. These reports help the management to make prompt responses to the latest production and inventory status, cut the number of idle production lines and obsolete stock.

Records of manufacturing processes

To optimize the capacities of the production lines as well as the raw materials used, shop-floor managers often need to know the bits and pieces of the manufacturing processes. ESP Manufacturing not only keeps close track of the material cost, labour cost & yield loss of the production processes, but it also traces back the history of the original BOM version and its subsequent changes, i.e. engineering changes notice (ECN).

Shortage reports facilitate material substitution

To ensure order fulfillment, manufacturing plants often store up redundant, excessive inventories, using up expensive warehouse spaces. Material substitution capabilities of ESP could solve this drawback. It enables its users to define alternative raw materials in order of priority. By comparing the current status of raw materials and finished goods against the outstanding purchase and sales order, shortages could be identified. Substitution with alternative sources could then be arranged, achieving just-in-time (JIT) .

Effective handling of urgent orders

It is a natural phenomenon (particularly in the Asia-Pacific region) that customers place urgent orders that would disrupt the pre-scheduled production planning of manufacturers. ESP comes to your aid with its fast recalculation of MRP and CRP reports, enabling your company to accept this type of orders. Automatic production line scheduling capability makes room for abrupt changes in manufacturing orders.

Other features of ESP Manufacturing:

  • Supports multi-version Bill of Material (BOM) with detail history of ECN
  • Automatic conversion of different material unit measurement and cost
  • Automatic updates of production line capacity status
  • Supports multi-production plants or contractors
  • Recalculation of the stock & average cost for customer return or defective items

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