About us

Founded in 1989, B.E.L. developed EasySolutionTM Pro (ESP), an ERP core integrated solution suite for the manufacturing, distribution, trading and retail industries. B.E.L.’s powerful core development engine and our continual commitment in product enhancement enable our R&D team to expedite in technological innovation that enhances the functionality and capability of ESP to meet the rapidly changing demand in the international business environment.

Over the past two decades, ESP has successfully helped companies from a wide spectrum of industries to improve and streamline their business workflow and operations. We are also integrating our ERP system with the Retail module to cater for companies that are in the Retail business and for those companies that are in the vertical market, from manufacturing to export/ distribution and retail.

With our commitment to service and quality, our system excels in its capabilities and fine details that bring benefits to customers each in their own way.

We value human assets and our project consultants and project engineers are all well trained and well-experienced in different aspects including operation management, business workflows and finance. We also expertise in human relation to help users adopt the change.

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