Company Profile


In view of the great potential for enterprise software in the Asia-Pacific region, B.E.L. was founded in 1989. Extensive research development and trial runs have been carried out on its ERP/MRPII product - ESP. Early in the design phase, ESP has been positioned to be a versatile solution for the global ERP market. In 1992, we developed the double-byte system that added multi-lingual capability to ESP. It now supports English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Japanese interfaces. Any additional languages could be added in 4 weeks time.

During that time, many companies have not yet grasped the meaning and implication of ERP products. However, at that time, B.E.L.had already carried out investigation on ways to satisfy the demand for ERP systems that could support low-cost, real time communication between company headquarters and their remote sites over the Internet. In 1995, it acquired HongKongLink, an Internet Service Provider, to carry out research in this issue - performance impact of ERP over an uncontrolled network environment, Internet.

True enterprise solution should not be limited by the type of platform used. While most of our competitors just focus on developing Windows applications (most ERP systems were still running on text-based environment back in 1989), we already have cross-platform in mind and include those potential clients with business executives that prefer other platforms like Apple. With the initial globalization design in very beginning, we developed cross-platform with intuitive user-friendly interface in 1996. This cross-platform capability makes it portable to both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Over the past decade, B.E.L. has witnessed the success of its flagship product - ESP, in enterprise resource planning (ERP) market. We owed our success to continual commitment in technological innovation and product enhancement. In 2000, we successfully developed Integrated B2B Module with off-line capability of ESP. This module could facilitate the effective communication of companies with their business partners, remote logistics centers and sales representatives offices.

Future Plan

In the future, B.E.L. aspires to be the leading provider of business solutions specifically designed for the Asia-Pacific Region. To achieve this goal, B.E.L. will aggressively expand its presence in mainland China. In 2007, we further enhanced our ERP system with a management-oriented Retail Management Module. While most POS (point of sales) and retail system focus on automation and ease of use, it lacks of flexibility to handle growing demands from consumers. Added insult to injury, such retail systems do not meet management needs without providing significant analysis data and management information that help growing the business in competitive markets.

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