What could ESP offer to you?

Internet-based ERP solution

The client/server architecture of ESP provides 24x7 information exchange between your headquarters and remote site via the Internet, Intranet or dial-up modem without using any third party web-enabled system. This facilitates the management of your company to get real-time information of production and stock status of local and remote site, with minimal communication and hardware investment cost. With its cross-platform capabilities, ESP amply satisfies not only the Windows users, but also business executives that prefer Macintosh platforms as well. Encryption of data transfer over Internet and built-in server based IP filtering minimizes the risk of data leakage to outside parties.

E-business support

With its powerful core development engine, ESP could be easily adapted to fit into the latest e-business module in the market (e.g. B2B, B2C, B2B2C). Web-based front office and mobile applications over WAP could be seamlessly integrated into ESP as it fully supports both WML (wireless mark-up language) andXML (extensible mark-up language). To align with the development of the front-office, B.E.L. will continue to upgrade the existing features of ESP, bringing forth a new dimension of SCM (supply chain management), CRM (customer relationship management), data-mining and OLAP(on-line analytical processing) to its customers.

Real-time manufacturing solution

Being an Internet-based solution, ESP provides real-time information of stock and production line status to your management, helping them make the best business decisions. Seamless integration of the workflows of different departments minimizes redundant data entry and lessens human error. Product turnover rate and inventory turns are augmented, leading to JIT (just-in-time) inventory. Optimization of production capacities and raw materials literally means a significant reduction in overhead costs and better cashflow. With the most up-to-date information of production and order status, your sales representatives are fully capable to deliver accurate and prompt service to your customers.

Globalization empowerment

Early in the design phase, we have envisaged the blossoming of international trade in the Asia-Pacific region and developed ESP with globalization capabilities. Over the years, B.E.L. has already developed one single version of user-selectable language interfaces of simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English and Japanese of ESP to meet the needs of business in the Asia-Pacific region. A completely new language interface could be added in 4 to 8 weeks upon request, giving you full-fledge maneuverability for future business development. The multi-currency capability of ESP supports bills, invoice and receipts in different currencies, even down to the ledger level. Account ledgers could be re-evaluated to reflect the latest changes in the exchange rate. This serves to meet the needs of enterprises with multiple sales offices and warehouses in different countries.

Effective implementation and support

With our experience and expertise in the field of ERP and supply chain management, B.E.L. could help you save a notable amount of implementation and support cost. System implementation could be effectively completed within 6 months. Fast and effective implementation leads to a conspicuous reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO). Besides that, every client user gets exactly the same user interface in local and remote sites, thus saving user-training cost. Instead of upgrading individual client software, intelligent upgrade of ESP allows all new features and product enhancement to be obtained when (local or remote) clients login the new update version on server automatically. This reduces the strain in human resources of the MIS department and system downtime. ESP comes with built-in remote live mirroring and back-up crisis management capability. This guards the system against information loss and supports mission critical operations in accidental disastrous situations. All these could help you save sizable sum of maintenance and technical support cost.

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