Commitment is the key to customer service. To retain and expand customer base, companies are demanding solutions that could satisfy the versatile needs of their customers in fulfillment, value and service. Enhanced customer satisfaction not only enhances company image, but also generates opportunities for up-sell, cross-sell as well as repeat orders in the future. Starting from the design phase, ESP has been built with a customer-centric approach. It helps you align your organizational resources according to the specific needs of your customers.

Availability-to-promise (ATP) of customer orders

To deliver what you promise to your customer punctually requires an accurate forecast of demand and supply. ESP CRM helps you track the customer order status- a pop-up list of outstanding orders and item balance would be displayed upon delivery entry. Together with the periodic expediting list, shipping schedule and delivery report, ESP CRM helps you identify whether the order is still in the procurement stage, work-in-progress stage or completed stage, ready for delivery. This enables your sales staff to deliver prompt, accurate answers to customers' requests for order tracking.

Comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service option

Quotation follow-up & outstanding sales reports of ESP CRM ensure that your sales representatives give instant feedback to customers.

Flexible customer service

ESP CRM also supports customizable payment terms. This gives room for sales representatives to offer specific price concessions and payment terms to individual customers. Besides, ESP CRM supports multiple discount rates and partial deliveries of customer orders.

Other features of ESP CRM:

  • Automatic generation of delivery notes and invoices
  • Prints daily delivery reports
  • Generates weekly shipping schedule for expected shipment
  • Accepts deposits from customers for sales orders
  • Checks stock availability in selected warehouses during delivery entries

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