ESP Finance

ESP Finance

As economic globalization continues, financial executives face increasing pressure in dealing with loads of financial figures. ESP Finance comes to their aid with its comprehensive features and functions. Information about cash flow, budgets, currency rates could all be easily retrieved. With ESP Finance, processing financial information is no longer a cumbersome task - it could be enjoyable.

Multi-currency capability

ESP Finance supports bills, invoice and receipts in different currencies. This enables partial settlement of payment to be done with no disruption to the true value as the original currency has been kept.

Holistic, integrated solution

As mentioned before, every alteration in the company scenario (e.g. delivery of goods, completion of production, arrival of ordered raw material) will be reflected inESP Finance.

Production cost tracking

Many accounting packages could just give you an overall picture of the financial status of your company, but not the detail breakdown of individual items. ESP Finance of ESP provides production cost analysis, e.g. comparison of production cost of the same item by different production lines, as well as the discrepancy between the estimated and the actual production cost for individual items.

Project costing

ESP Finance of ESP could help you trace the detail costs of every single item. This includes the total material and labour costs, yield loss as well as the cost of goods sold. ESP Finance could also help you track the monthly progress of the project as well as the accumulated expenses and revenue of different projects.

Extensive report coverage

ESP Finance offers numerous preset report options for its users. This includes:

  • Gross profit reports
  • Sales / purchase price history reports
  • Sales vs expenses analysis report
  • Month end variable stock report
  • Unpaid invoices / bills reports
  • Income receipt / payment report
  • Production cost analysis
  • Customer / vendor monthly transaction history reports

Other features of ESP Finance:

  • Advance payment / Deposit and order specific deposit / prepayment
  • After monthly statement billing
  • Prints customized letters, reports, statements and charts
  • Prints current and month end inventory (by item or WIP) /aging accounts receivable / payable reports
  • Flexible fiscal periods
  • Future transaction and recurring entries
  • Instant trial balance
  • Full audit trail

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