ESP Inventory

ESP Inventory

How to keep the optimum level of stock for order fulfillment and prevent inventory write-offs? This seems like a perennial dilemma faced by inventory and warehouse managers. With the help of ESP, gone are the days that you have to worry about keeping excess inventory to meet customers - requisition. ESP Inventory offers a full array of features for materials tracking and replenishment management, leading to optimization of resources.

Close tracking of stock movement

Asynchrony between supply and demand of stock is reflected by ESP Inventory's dispatch and shortage reports. Besides, it also supports stock movement among different warehouses and splits stock allotment according to availability.

Latest information over inventory status

ESP Inventory helps you dissect and analyze your warehouse inventory with its preset report options:

Product turnover report This report keeps track of the average volume (value) of goods delivered over a user-defined time frame. The demand and supply of stock over the next three months will also be shown, serving as a yardstick to evaluate the existing inventory level.

Dormant inventory report This report gauges the amount of excessive stock in the inventory. Different dormant inventory rates could be calculated as the user could change the dormant inventory period. This gives extra flexibility to the management in making business decisions over warehouse and stock control.

Besides the reports mentioned above, ESP Inventory could also generate daily receiving and delivery reports, as well as current and month end inventory reports (both finished goods and WIP) at respective warehouses. Based on the information extracted from these reports, the warehouse manager could obtain timely information of the stock status.

Anticipate and meet customer needs

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) capabilities of ESP Inventory allows you to anticipate and plan for abrupt changes to the manufacturing and inventory status. Through simulating different "what-if" scenarios, the effects of different production plans on warehouse inventory could be analyzed.

Other features of ESP Inventory:

  • Automatic updates of finished goods & WIP inventories
  • Supports multiple warehouses

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