ESP Procurement

ESP Procurement

No one could undermine the importance of sourcing right vendors for quality and punctual delivery of goods and services. For large companies with a wide variety of products, this could be a difficult and painstaking process. ESP Procurement of ESP helps you standardize and streamline your procurement process, improve the overall order-to-fulfillment time and select the best vendor in terms of price and quality. The entire procurement process could be streamlined as a result.

Integrated suite hastens procurement decisions

Being an integrated suite, any change in the stock status of the warehouse inventory as well as new confirmations of customer order are directly reflected in ESP Procurement. This not only saves time wasted in redundant data entry, but also speeds up the procurement cycle as well.

Vendor Verification

Scrolling through lengthy supplier list to find the suitable vendor is certainly a tedious task. ESP Procurement offers automatic verification of qualified vendors, as well as other vendor characteristics, e.g. history of transactions, pricing data.

Report generation

With the help of ESP Procurement, purchase price history reports, daily purchase reports as well as shortage reports could be generated. These reports provide the management with an overall picture of the stock and order status of the entire company. Reorder level of merchandise could be calculated.

Other features of ESP Procurement:

  • Supports multi-level purchase orders
  • Combination of multiple purchase order on single receiving note
  • Allows partial receiving / receiving of items to different warehouses
  • Accepts prepayment in purchase orders
  • Displays a pop-up list of outstanding orders and item balance during receiving
  • After monthly statement billing method to purchase orders

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