ESP Sales

ESP Sales

As globalization of retail sales takes place, sales activities have become very competitive. Demand is no longer satisfied, but created through innovative sales strategies and exploration of unique market niches. To edge over the rivals, companies need to adopt a flexible pricing and promotional strategy in response to changing market conditions. ESP Sales of ESP serves as a tool to help you expand your customer base, deliver better customer service and generate sales opportunities.

Real-time product information

Sales representatives need to know the latest information of their customer orders so that they could give prompt response to customers-enquiries. ESP Sales allows your sales representatives to check the production status of their orders real time on-line. Product pictures could also be attached to the product records, helping the sales representatives to effectively classify orders with different product specifications.

Quick analysis of sales performance

ESP Sales helps the management of your company to review the sales and marketing policy of your entire product range with a complete set of report options:

  • Outstanding sales report
  • Sales price histories report
  • Best selling item report
  • Discount rate analysis report
  • Gross profit report

Standardized evaluation of sales representatives

The sales analysis (e.g. daily sales report) within the user-defined period enables the management to revise and adjust the compensation packages of sales representatives based on their individual performances.

Wide spectrum of user selectable features

ESP Sales offers different features to facilitate sales representatives to effectively handle sales operations. This includes: auto-phone dial to customers, quotation follow-up reports, combination of multiple sales order on single delivery note, as well as converting selective confirmed quotation items to sales orders. Besides, it also supports multi-currency quotation and sales orders. This saves your salespersons from all the hassles of routine administrative duties.

Other features of ESP Sales:

  • Supports multiple discount rates, multi-sales representatives & multi-sales channels
  • After monthly statement billing method to sales orders
  • Conversion of a bundled item to kit form of multiple items in sales orders
  • Checks stock availability in selected warehouses during order taking
  • Displays a pop-up list of outstanding orders and item balance during entry of delivery and receiving

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