Regardless if you are running a few shops in a local city or managing hundreds of retail outlets across countries, our Retail Management System can help you to manage your business more effectively and more efficiently.

ESP is a real-time, online point-of-sales solution with an easy to use front- end and comprehensive functions and features for back-office, seamlessly integrated. Flexible promotion settings allow ad-hoc and frequent sales campaigns.

The module links up to the back-office and integrates seamlessly with a comprehensive system including Logistics and Finance module. In addition to a wide range of sales analysis and turnover reports, there is a built-in, powerful report writer to customize your needs in reporting.


Loyalty Program Management

Supports membership discounts and bonus point scheme and corporate members. Also, keeps track of Member preferences, concerns and other requirements such as sizes, favorites, complaints, and suggestions as part of their profile. Thus empowers the marketing team to develop activities for target customers not only base on sales history but by preferences as well to maximize return of marketing resources.


Promotion Bundles

Be it to promote new items, clear off-season inventory or simply aim for sales volume, ESP comes with different promotion bundle rules to cater for the purpose.

Flexible and easy to setup, take just seconds even if a bundle involves thousands of items. System even allows one item to exist in multiple bundles for the same or overlapping promotion period. Optimized logic enables the system to recognize the most saving bundle for an order instantly.


Gift Voucher

Real-time verification of voucher validity. Clear, real-time inventory status allows tight yet easy and efficient management control. Voucher status would be registered behind the scene based on nature of operation as In Stock, Sold, Redeemed, Void or Expired.


Inventory Optimization By Linking Up To Back Office

Retailers can instantly manage all facets of business operations at their back office or any location through remote access with the online Retail Management System. Store replenishment with inter-store transfers and reporting to monitor overstock and stock-out situations. It identifies cross- sellable products and allocates inventory intelligently. Stock turnover and margins can be highly optimized.


Seamless Integration with Finance Module

Fully integrated with our full scale Finance module, retailers can reap the full benefits of the versatile features of our Retail Management System without the need of a separate account system.

The ESP Finance Module allows you to generate the profit/loss by shop along with all the finance functions including Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Job Costing, Account Mapping, Cash Flow Management and True multi-currency.


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