Technical Requirement

  • Server Requirements

    • Pentium-based with 2 CPUs
    • 512MB RAM or above
    • RAID 5 hard disk configuration
    • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 or above
  • Windows Client Requirements

    • Pentium-based machine
    • 128MB RAM or above
    • Windows 98 or above
  • Mac Client Requirements

    • Power Macintosh
    • 64MB RAM or above
    • Mac OS 8.6 or above
  • Mirror Machine Requirements

    • Pentium-based machine
    • 256MB RAM or above
    • Windows NT 4.0 or above
  • LAN Requirements

  • Any combination of ADSP or TCP/IP

  • ESP Package

  • ESP is available in the following configuration:

    • Client / Server
    • Mac Server / Mac & Windows Clients
    • Windows Server / Mac & Windows Clients

    Free training would be provided to the number of users corresponding to the package purchased.

  • After-Sales Support

  • We understand that system installation is just the beginning. Total solution service of ESP includes full project management, implementation planning and on site training, helping you master the advanced and unique features of ESP. To ensure that ESP could deliver optimum performance to every client, our technical support team provides the following after-sales services in addition to user training within the maintenance contract period:

    • Free installation
    • Unlimited Hotline support
    • Unlimited Internet support
    • Unlimited on-site support

    Lastly, to help our clients undergo a smooth transition from their legacy system to ESP, we provide an optional implementation plan to help them align ESP with their current operations.

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