Truly Integrated Internet-based ERP system including Contact Management, Sales Lead and Progress Management, Order Processing And Tracking, Sales and Profitability Analysis, Supply and Demand Analysis, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Job/Project Cost Control and a complete Finance module including AR, AP, GL And Cost Accounting, Credit Control.

Upgradeable to the full scale ESP Manufacturing module - BOM, ECN, Work Centers Management, Job Progress And Schedule Tracking, Work Load Monitoring, Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Advance Planning and Scheduling (APS), Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP), Production Capacity Utilization Analysis and Document Control.


Sales and Distribution

Sales Management module comprises of Contact Management, CRM, Order Processing and built-in analysis reports for trading, distribution and consignment sales businesses.

The module provides an efficient flow of information for the company from sales inquiry, project status, sales forecast, quotation confirming as sales order to delivery/invoicing and packing list and integrated to the Finance module.

Companies may even make use of credit control options, margin control, order approval, which comes with revision history for better control and monitoring.


Purchase Management

Purchase Management module provides both sourcing and purchasing control with qualified vendor list down to item level along with quote price history. Vendor performance analysis and turnover/demand analysis, allow companies to make better purchasing decision. For order management, there is order approval with limit control and revision history for better monitoring.

The module streamlines procurement process by generating shortage reports and demand analysis and also come with built-in conveniences for inter-company orders and back-to-back orders.

Also, this module is tightly integrated to inventory module and manufacturing module.


Batch Control Module for tracking, quality control or FIFO

Incorporated into the entire logistics process of the system from purchasing, inventory, production to sales. The batch control module is designed to be easy to use with option to enable batch control for specific items only and easy to input by handheld terminal device file import or direct entry. System generated batch number option by ISO format (date code, week code) is also available.

The module keeps track of batch expiry date with various goods dispatch logic for different situation including soonest to expire, smallest batch to fit, manual selection.

Complete with batch tracking report to trace the whereabouts of a batch number, it is applicable to industries such as food, pharmaceuticals or as a way to trace the source.


Bin Management

Bin Management module provides system support essential for timely process of logistics requirements.

While the inventory system displays the total stock of an item in the warehouse, the Bin Management module controls stock quantities in individual storage location. Fully integrated to the Inventory system, processing of goods issue and stock transfers are made quick and easy.

Easy to implement with minimum setup with various goods picking options to fit the company's inventory management goal. The module is designed with intensive data integrity and logical control to minimize human error and mishandle that give management peace of mind.


Document Control Module with full access control and user log

Integrated to the different system modules, document control function is the ideal way to keep supporting documents related to a transaction directly instead of holding them in some filing systems.

No limit on the number of documents attached, there is a log for all document access and these documents are also included in the daily system automatic backup. Access rights control applied to specify who can upload new revision, download documents or not at all despite viewing the same transaction.

Useful to keep manufacturing manual, CAD/CAM documents, RoHS and other compliance/safety certificates, etc.


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