User Benefits

Enhance management decisions

  • Real-time information of stock status, inventory levels, sales performance as well as comprehensive report options provides the management of your company with critical information for business decisions
  • Facilitate management to better monitor operations in remote sites at minimal cost

Uplift operational efficiency

  • Optimization of manufacturing processes leads to better allocation of production capacities and raw materials
  • Seamless integration of the workflows of different departments minimizes redundant data entry and hastens order processing speed. This results in increased inventory turns and product turnover rate

Low cost of ownership

  • Running on the NT platform saves investment in expensive operating system and system administration team
  • As ESP has been ported to a client/server architecture, every client user will only have to learn the same user interface which itself is very user-friendly. For Web-based solutions, remote site users have to pay extra money and effort to learn different environments that are different from local users
  • Being a non-browser based client application, ESP saves investment in Web server or CGI application server
  • Intelligent auto remote upgrade minimizes maintenance and support cost
  • Remote live mirroring and back-up capability of ESP provides a low budget yet effective remote backup system

Better customer service

  • Accurate and prompt reply to customers' enquiry boosts customer satisfaction

Data security

  • Encryption of data transfer over Internet and built-in server based IP filtering minimize the risk of data leakage to outside parties

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